It is a fact that regular maintenance keeps machines in good shape. A regular inspection and maintenance, likewise, keep backup power generators in good working condition. It is not a complicated process to carry out routine check ups and do minor repairs. What follows are some valuable maintenance tips that will help you keep your power generators in good shape for years to come.

Regular service

There are generator companies that offer technical services including yearly maintenance. If your generator provider does not offer maintenance, you had better schedule it yourself annually or monthly depending on the usage. The purpose of scheduled service is to replace the small malfunctioning parts such as filters, spark plugs, etc. By doing so, you will minimize the chances of getting into trouble.

Check oil level regularly

Oil is absolutely essential for any engine including your backup generator. If you have not checked or changed the oil in your power system, it should be on the top of your today’s to-do list. Delaying this important activity can cost you time and money. It would be a good idea to check the oil on regular basis to ensure that there is sufficient level of oil in your power generator.

Inspect battery and connections

Battery terminal connections should be tight and free of rust. You will face fewer startup issues if the battery is well-connected and in good shape. Leaking fluids can also cause problems so look for them and fix them. Problems, such as dying battery or leaking fluid, should be given due attention. Consult a technician if the battery or some other part in your generator needs to be replaced.

Keep the system covered

Water and other corrosive agents can deteriorate the metal. So make sure your backup generator is installed at an appropriate place. Moreover, keep your unit protected against rain and water by covering it with something. Cleaning is also an important part of maintenance activities. Leaves, dust, dirt, etc. can cause corrosion related problems. Dirt can also affect the performance of the motor. Therefore, make sure that your unit is clean.

These maintenance tips will certainly extend the service life of your home or business power backup units. Reliability is something that every company ensures in their advertising campaigns. However, apart from taking good care of your generator, always buy your backup unit from a company that manufactures durable products and provide technical assistance in terms of maintenance and installation. Power Systems Plus is one of the reliable companies in Canada that manufactures dependable power generators and provide maintenance and on-site repair services.