How To Deal With Roadside Emergencies

A generator set, whether used as a primary power source or installed for emergency purposes, need periodic service and maintenance so that it keeps producing optimal output. Planning a careful maintenance and testing schedule will keep your generators in good working condition. Testing, therefore, should be the part of your company’s standard maintenance program. The function of a standby set is to provide consistent and dependable power supply to your facility or building.

Companies mostly use standby systems during outages or emergency situations, which means power systems are not used on a regular basis. The lack of regular use can seriously diminish the performance and service life of your generators. Therefore, carry out regular load bank testing to avoid costly damage to your precious equipment. It is advisable to load a diesel generator to at least 30% of their standby nameplate rating when exercised during its scheduled test. Resistive load bank testing is one of the techniques to maintain industrial generators.

You can always rent a portable load bank from a reliable testing and commissioning company for your testing needs. Make sure you are renting from or hiring a reputable company in order to save money and get your job done in an effective way.

Implement recommended and well-thought- out procedures for connecting a rental load bank to prevent problems that can occur during the failure of main electricity source. Do not disconnect output load cables from the generator during a testing process. If power outage occurs, there is no way you can reconnect cables in order for the power system to provide output to required loads within 10 seconds. If you want to ensure safety during testing phase, parallel load bank with the building load.

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