The function of a power plant is to use an input, oil, coal, etc., and convert it into electricity that we use all the time. Life seems incomplete without electricity. A large power plant can produce sufficient energy to run 2 million homes. The working mechanism behind a power plant can be explained in four simple steps. Power plants produce heat and use the heat to run turbine. The function of a turbine is to power a generator that produce electricity.

Power plants produce large amount of electricity because they consume large quantity of fuel. Following are some of the types of power plants:


Like other types of power plants, hydroelectric systems don’t produce steam or heat to run turbines. A large amount of water is used to run the turbines which directly drive electricity generators. A dam is an example of hydroelectric power plant. Electricity produced by hydroelectric systems is relatively cheap.



One of the common functions of various power plants is to produce heat by burning fuel. A steam-electric power plant uses a steam-driven generator to produce power. Water is heated to produce steam and then that steam drives steam turbine in order to run generators.

Gas turbine

One of the common use of natural gas is to generate electricity. The function of a gas turbine is to ignite gas under high pressure to make it combustible. Combustible gas then drives turbines. There are some similarities between different types of power plants so far as functionality is concerned. One of the similarities is the use of turbines and generators.

The growing population and the need for safe and cheap energy have make the use of renewable energy resources inevitable. Energy resources like coal, gas, and oil will be exhausted one day.

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